Understanding Your Commitment


Understanding Your Commitment

When you join the Be The Match Registry®, you are taking the first step to save a life. You are also making a commitment to be ready to take the next step if a patient needs you. Everyone on the registry is critical to saving lives.  However, doctors choose registry members ages 18-44 more than 90% of the time. For all registry members, the most important thing you can do is stay committed, so if you’re selected as a match for a patient you’re ready to move forward. 

Be sure you understand what to expect when you join the registry so you feel comfortable with your decision.

Be The Match Registry is operated by the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP). If you joined the NMDP Registry, either in person or online, you are a member of the Be The Match Registry and do not need to join again. Learn more about Be The Match.

Consider your decision

Discuss your decision with your family or friends when you join the registry. You may need their support if you are ever contacted as a match.

If you match a patient, your commitment to donate is very important, but you have the right to change your mind. However, a late decision to not donate can be life-threatening to a patient. Please think seriously about your commitment before joining the registry.

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