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Officers Give Hope has found donors for patients with leukemia and other types of blood cancers throughout the United States and worldwide. Those who participated in the donation process described it as an incredible experience. It’s the chance to make a difference and save a life. Although Officers Give Hope has saved or extended the lives of over 100 patients, only a handful are able to be listed on this page. There are several reasons for and many are complex in nature, but two more frequent reasons are as follows: the donor has opted not to be identified and although they have made a tremendous display of courage and selflessness, they have requested to remain anonymous; or current HIPPA laws prevent Be The Match from divulging details beyond the fact that a donor from an OGH drive has proceeded through the life-saving process.


  • US Navy Chief Petty Officer Roy Lancaster (Donor) Anaheim Police Detective Guy Reneau (Recipient)
  • Orange Police Detective Matt Morton (Donor) Mr. Woody Guerrant (Recipient)
  • Costa Mesa Police Officer Trevor Cullen (Donor) Anonymous Recipient
  • CDCR Staff Member Ryann Purcella (Donor) Anonymous Recipient
  • CDCR Officer Dan Zollo (Donor) Amber Moran (Recipient)


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