handsOfficers Give hope is comprised entirely of volunteers, which is an integral part of the tenets of our organization. Many of our volunteers have joined OGH because they, a family member or acquaintance has suffered from leukemia or other blood-borne cancers. However, some of our members have joined after having given the gift of life through a marrow or stem cell donation and seen the gift of hope first-hand. We invite those to our organization who wish to volunteer their time or other resources to our mission of "Saving Lives through Marrow Drives.” If you are interested, please contact Cathy Stark or John Whiteley through our web site to discuss your interests and where they may best be utilized.


No one within our organization receives any wages and volunteers are only occasionally (if sufficient funds are available) reimbursed for travel expenses.

Currently, OGH is divided into two service groups with one centered in the Sacramento area and the other in Orange County. The majority of our membership is related to public safety, but anyone can become an OGH volunteer. If you or anyone else you know is interested in becoming a part of the OGH experience, you are encouraged to contact Cathy Stark via the OGH web site. She will discuss in more detail the volunteer's experience and the marrow drives where you can assist.

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