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Oswab kit200fficers Give Hope’s mission is to sponsor marrow drives within the public safety community. We work through the auspices of Be The Match by adding the names of potential marrow and stem cell donors to their national registry. Our drives are limited to public safety organizations because their employees and their families already have been instilled with a public service background and the need to help others. If you are interested in hosting a marrow drive and would like the assistance of OGH, here are some points to consider:

Hosting A Drive

The organization must be public safety oriented, this would include police departments, sheriff departments, state police departments, CHP, prisons, jails, juvenile facilities, etc.

The organization must understand that those who sign-up at the drive will be added to the national registry and must be willing to donate to anyone in need of a transplant and not just one individual in need.

The more time that is allowed to plan and prepare for a registration drive will increase the likelihood of success.

Although marrow drives tend to be more successful when they are done for someone related to the hosting organization in need of a transplant, this is not a requirement.

Drives are more successful when the leadership within the organization is committed to the success of the drive.

Whoever will be spearheading the drive onsite should contact Cathy Stark via the OGH web site to discuss the drive. Someone from OGH will likely visit your organization (four to six weeks prior to the drive) and make a presentation to the command staff to further discuss the various aspects of a marrow drive and how to make it a success.

OGH will pay for all the expenses of registering potential donors and will provide the necessary staff for the process. We will also welcome the assistance from anyone from the host agency.

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